From milk to mature cheese

In order to make excellent cheese, it is essential to use genuine, high-quality raw materials.
The milk we have decided to use for our cheeses is exclusively supplied by selected Italian farms in the regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.

Stall für die Aufzucht von Kühen

Short supply chain


A 100% Italian product: from breeding and collecting milk to processing and ageing our cheese. Thanks to a short supply chain, we are able to efficiently manage the logistics of extremely fresh raw materials and to process our cheese in the shortest possible time in order to optimally preserve its organoleptic properties.

Certified by: – The official portal of Italian producers

Daily checks



We perform constant checks at every stage of processing to make sure that our products are of the highest quality.
Once they have aged, we select only the best cheese wheels one by one, since making good products is not something we settle for. In fact, when it comes to cheese, we aim for excellence.

Animal welfare


We make sure that cows and buffaloes are looked after in the best possible way so that their welfare is reflected in the quality of the milk.



Livestock have a healthy and controlled diet that includes products such as fodder grown on land adjacent to the farms. As a result, they have a proper balanced diet, which means that their milk is rich in flavour and nutrients.



Before being distributed, each batch undergoes stringent quality checks aimed at ensuring biosecurity and compliance with strict protocols.



The master cheesemaker mixes the freshly milked milk, which arrives at the dairy every day, in the right proportions in copper cauldrons. He is the only one who knows the exact amounts of cow’s milk and buffalo milk and the processing times and temperatures, which vary according to the batches of milk delivered to the farm. In fact, every day, the initial product is slightly different, but small variations are necessary in order to ensure that, once it has aged, the final product is of the finest quality.



In order to start processing the milk into cheese, rennet is required: when added to the mixture, it causes the milk to coagulate. The mixture, known as curd, is heated to a certain temperature and for a specific amount of time, which are only known to the master cheesemaker.


Once cooked, the mixture that has settled on the bottom is collected on a linen cloth, divided in half and placed in the “fascera”, a special mould that gives Bufalo Reale its final shape.



The cheese wheels are immersed in brine one day after being made in order to add savouriness to the paste and harden the rind. The next step is the ageing process: the wheels of cheese age on wooden racks for at least 24 months. This ripening process is what gives the final product the characteristic appearance, texture, original flavour and aroma of Bufalo Reale.



While we set high standards when it comes to performing checks and implementing protocols throughout the production chain of Bufalo Reale, we believe that in order to demand quality, we also need to deliver quality. We respect the work of each staff member and supplier as much as we strive for quality in our cheese.